1. If anesthetics have been injected, it will take 2 to 4 hours to recover from anesthetics. Until you get recover try avoiding eating and talking as you may hurt your lips and tongue. The gum tissue, along with the site of the injection, may be sore. A warm salt water rinse will relieve discomfort.
  2. Do not bite hard or chew on new amalgam restorations the same day they are placed. Composite restorations are already set, and chewing is permissible.
  3. Up to 72 hours following a restoration, you may experience sensitivity especially to cold or pressure. This is normal and should subside within two to three weeks. If the sensitivity persists, contact us at 4241942.
  4. Filling may have slight different contour and texture than that of original tooth. It may take time to be adjust with your tongue.
  5. You may immediately feel unbalance or a highpoint after tooth is filled. If that persists please call at 4241942 for an adjustment appointment.

Additional Information On Filling

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What to do following ……….. Filling 1. If anesthetics have been injected, it will take 2 to 4 hours to