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Extraction – Removal of tooth

Extraction – Removal of tooth After a tooth is extracted, the bone and tissue is wounded and needs time to heal. Some discomfort, bleeding and swelling should be expected in the next 24 hours as your mouth heals. The initial discomfort is gone within one to two weeks. Gum tissue takes about 2-3 weeks to […]

Bust the myths on root canal treatment

Bust the myths on root canal treatment Articles on oral healthMany of you who have been to a dentist must be very familiar with the word root canal treatment or RCT. To explain what it is, first you will have to understand the anatomy of the tooth. Tooth is like a coconut with a stronger […]

Scaling – Cleaning of teeth and gums

Scaling – Cleaning of teeth and gums Infected gum tissues may be sore for several days. Warm salt-water rinses (1 tsp. salt in 1 cup warm water) will relieve discomfort and aide in keeping the area clean.In some cases, pain medication may be necessary.  If the medicine is not working effectively, please call us.Continue your normal routine […]

Root Canal Treatment

scaling image

Understanding RCT in Nepal: Everything you want to know about the root canal treatment procedure in Nepal When it comes to dental procedures, the term RCT ( Root Canal Treatment) often sparks fear and anxiety among many patients. This blog post is here to give you a detailed idea about what a root canal treatment […]