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Dental Tourism:
A Growing Trend

Dental tourism is the practice of traveling abroad to a foreign country seeking high quality dental care at affordable rates. It’s a sector that has been growing exponentially over the past few years in dental practice. And over the past years Dent Inn has been one of the best destination for dental tourists. At Dent Inn we provide dental treatments which are more cost-effective, high in quality with varieties of offers and packages in dentistry. 

Nepal: A Dental Tourism Hotspot

Over the past few years, Nepal specially capital city Kathmandu has made a significant mark in Dental tourism. Known for its breathtaking mountain and rich history, Nepal has also become a sought after destination for dental treatment. This unique blend of tourism and healthcare provides an opportunity to experience a new country and its culture as well as turning a typical dental visit into a wonderful memory.

Dent Inn: Your Dental Clinic Destination in Kathmandu

Among the numerous dental clinics in Kathmandu, Dent Inn stands out for its exceptional services. The main reason behind Dent Inn’s popularity in dental tourism lies in its ability to offer world-class dental care services at affordable prices. Apart from cost savings, it also maintains high standards of dental care for international patients. Our experienced dentists, advanced dental technologies and comprehensive service offerings makes Dent Inn one of the most famous and trusted dental clinic in Nepal.

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At Dent Inn, your dental health is our top priority. We believe in providing quality care to all our patients. Our experienced teams of doctors are highly trained and only use the latest dental technology and methods to deliver exceptional care similar to your home country. Depending on your requirements, tourists can save up to 75% or even 90% by getting dental care in Nepal.

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At Dent Inn, we understand that dental care is a necessity, not a Luxury. That’s why we strive to provide affordable dental treatments without compromising quality. Here, you’ll find prices significantly lower than in the US, Europe, or Australia making essential dental care accessible for all.

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At Dent Inn, we ensure a seamless experience for our international patients, including the payment process. We accept a variety of international payment options,making transactions easy and hassle- free. Here Dent Inn offers all internationally accepted modes of payment including exchangeable currencies, and major credit or debit cards ( VISA and Master card).

Schedule your HOLIDAY along with our Exciting Offers and packages

Dent Inn further sweetens the deal with special offers tailored for our dental tourists. These include special packages that bundle dental care with travel arrangements, sightseeing and accommodation. With Dent Inn, you don’t just come for a dental procedure, you come for a unique Nepalese experience.


Contact us before starting your holiday and we can book an appointment for you at our clinic at an appropriate time so that it doesn’t clash with your planned activities as well as gives you enough time to recover from scheduled treatments.




While public hospitals in Nepal maintain a low sterilisation level, at Dent In we have strict guidelines and follow international levels of sterilisation and infection control. In fact, we follow strict guidelines and protocols based on practices in the USA and UK for sterilisation and infection control.


Till date we have not faced a single cross-infection complications in our clinic.

We use only imported materials from developed countries with world class manufacturers such as Dentsply, Shofu, GC, 3M etc.

We only use ISO certified bottled water in all clinical procedures.

The cost of living in Nepal is much cheaper than in most countries around the world. As a result, the labour cost is cheaper too, along with the costs of running a business and business overheads. Similarly, the cost of equipment and materials (of international standards) are also cheaper here than in other parts of the world.


As a result we can provide the service at much lower rates than the rest of the world.

We will schedule your appointments in such a way that it will not affect your preholiday.

We offer all kinds of Dental Treatment services at Dent Inn. The most popular services amongst our forieng patients include Checkups, Veneers, Bleaching, and Root Canal Treatment.

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