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What do you do in this appointment?

We normally do a through examination of mouth, take full mouth x- rays, few bite wing x rays. We will tell you all of your problems that you have and outline the treatments necessary for you. After discussing with you, we decide on the treatment plan and how we are going to proceed with that plan.

How often should I have to come for this appointment?

You should visit at least 2 times a year.

Why do I have to take X rays of the tooth that I don’t feel they are causing problem?

It is always better to take full mouth X rays at least once in a two year just to make sure that you don’t have any problems.However that depends upon your present oral hygiene, your dental history and other factors.

What if I’m pregnant and need a dental radiograph examination?

In case of dental emergency we may need to take an x ray even if you are pregnant.Untreated dental infections can cause a risk to the fetus.Dental treatment may be necessary to maintain the health of the mother and child. Even though, radiation from dental X-rays is extremely low, we take all the safety precaution required to protect you and your baby. To protect you from the radiation we take x rays only if it is required. We always cover your abdomen and chest by a lead apron.