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A tooth is needed to be restored(filled) if there is a cavity, and fracture. Filling materials are of different types and advanced materials are introduced every year.
Most of us know about silver filling ( Amalgam) which has been used since a very long time.Now a days, tooth colored fillings are getting more popular.

What are the filling materials available?

  1.  Silver Amalgam
  2. Glass Ionomer cement
  3. Miracle mix
  4. Composites
Though different materials are available, their properties vary. Therefore their uses also vary. The dentist decides which material to be used in what case.

How long will my filling last?

It all depends on the type of tooth cavity, type of material used for the cavity, your chewing habits. So, definite time span can not be given. Some type of filling in a same type of cavity may last for different time period.